Privacy Policy

This Website was created strictly for private use by the Collective.


Collective – Refers to the future members of Brotherhood, a proposed business organization.

Website – Refers to the domain and/or any subdomains.

Third-Parties – Refers to any person(s) and/or organization(s) that are not a proven included party of Collective.


Any use of Website, by Third-Parties is strictly prohibited. To prove identity as a Collective, the accused Third-Party must provide the established Collective password and emergency code. Failure to provide both the password and the emergency code denies access to any and all content of this Website and the Website itself.

All breaches of these conditions will be treated as malicious and intentional. All efforts will be made by the Collective to indict any Third-Party which breaches these conditions with all applicable criminal cybersecurity charges, pursuing punishment to the fullest extent of the law.