Sup, fuckers.

There’s been some spread out conversation happening about our future. For more than 10 years now we’ve talked about building our own community some day. We’ve had the people for it for a while now but we weren’t ready to lay any real-world foundation until now.

The plan so far begins with forming a business to function as a legal entity for us to collectively take action and better leverage tax advantages. We will use the organization, called Brotherhood (which is most likely going to be an LLC), to acquire and manage a large plot of land which will then be internally divided for each of us to build our homestead on. Brotherhood will have 4 legs that can be used to operate different businesses through as well, acting as a parent company. These legs will allow for each of us to take advantages on taxes for more individual aspects as well. Some examples will be provided, but if you have any questions I’m confident we can figure out together how certain specifics will work without having to overhaul the structure.

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